Draconic Angel of the Frozen Hells

  • HP 9
  • Armour 2
  • Damage d8 + 1 (Claws, bite, and frigid breath)
  • Quality (+2)
  • Loyalty (+1)
  • Load 2

Instinct: To throw her weight around
Cost: Glory
Evil-wise: Chrysalis slew a great many monstrosities in her service to Viridi in life. Being familiar with how they work, she can roll +quality to spout lore about it on your behalf.
Warrior: She takes +1 to their damage die roll, and you don’t need to Order Follower to get her to fight (as long as the opposition is not terrifying or overwhelming). In fact, she’ll probably fight when you’d rather she didn’t.
Magical: She is magical by nature or training, and sensitive to the workings of magic.
Archer (Draconic breath): She uses ranged attacks (not necessarily bows) effectively and can roll +Quality to Volley on your behalf. Instead of taking multiple shots on a 7-9, her breath will dry up, until Nagash next communes, and she can recover her power.
Beautiful: She makes an impression, drawing admiration and attention.


  • Soar through the air
  • Spout a geyser of frost and ice
  • Return from death

Chrysalis was, in life, a servant of Viridi. In death, she monitors the frozen hells, where evil souls carry out their purgatory. Now she serves as a relay between Viridi and Nagash, in the form of a skeletal drake, the rough size of a komodo dragon. She still retains some of the power she had in the underworld, leaving a trail of ice behind her, and expelling it at will.

Chrysalis seems eager to have another chance to prove herself to Viridi, and isn’t too keen that her gaze has moved to Nagash as of recently.


Chapter 1: Hollow World William_H